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Welcome to Robin and Rose Nature! Come on a journey into nature…

A female produced nature subscription box for wild-hearted women | October 2021

Seasonal Greetings and welcome to the very first Robin and Rose Nature blog post. I’m Dr Jenny Evans, founder of Robin and Rose Nature – a mindful nature subscription box exclusively for women and carefully created, just for you, by an all-female team.

Robin and Rose Nature was created to inspire more women to become eco enthusiasts and connect with nature on a regular basis. I have put together my quarterly subscription box to gently stir and awaken the wildness in women’s hearts. Each box is packed full of thoughtfully selected items to help you enjoy more time in nature, and includes:

· A beautiful nature focused book, always written by a woman

· A delightful art print by a small business

· A calming nature craft, designed to bring the outdoors into your home, heart and way of life

· A community magazine, produced by nature-loving women for nature-loving women. Click here to delve deeper into the magazine

· Seeds or bulbs, to start and then grow your very own wildlife haven

We are Stardust | We are Nature

Did you know, the death of stars gives rise to life? Over 90% of the human body is made up of elements that were created when first generation stars went Supernova and created elements such as Carbon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen (plus a few more!). These elements are also present in our bodies, meaning we originated from stardust. This means we are inextricably intertwined with nature. In today’s busy world, I’m worried we are losing our connection with the beautiful natural world that surrounds and sustains us. My nature subscription box invites you on a journey to reconnect with your local environment through reading, crafting, inspiring and experiencing. Sit in your garden or local nature space and be inspired by the nature experiences women are sharing with you in the magazine. Or prioritise your self-care and experience a relaxing walk to collect natural items as part of the mindful craft. Just 20 minutes of connection with nature will improve your well-being – this can be as simple as opening the window a crack and listening to the gentle pitter patter of rain on the glass while you enjoy the nature book. I set out to provide a variety of ways, in each box, to bring more nature into your life and help you to enjoy our beautiful planet, learn more about it and encourage you to protect it for future generations.

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